Today's DVC Class Cancellations:

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Location Course Section Faculty Name Section Title
DVC ARTHS-193-1213 Ema Thomas History of Asian Art
DVC CULN-154-8290 Paul Bernhardt Menu Development and Planning
DVC DRAMA-200-1442 Carrie Mullen Intro to Technical Theater
DVC ECE-249-8485 Paul Pitner Observ & Assess in ECE Clsrm
DVC ENGL-117-2314 Ema Fischer-Mikolavich Intgrtd Collg Read/Writing Dev
DVC ENGL-118-1979 Ema Fischer-Mikolavich College Writing Development
DVC ENGL-122-1993 Ian Ross Freshman English: Comp/Read
DVC ENGL-123-3015 Ian Ross Critical Thinking: Comp & Lit
DVC MATH-121-1534 My Huynh Plane Trigonometry